Our family has relied on nannies for childcare for almost 12 years.  We have used other agencies in the past and while we eventually found qualified care we were often sent applications that did not meet our needs, which meant we were left doing work of finding the best fit.  Jenny’s approach stands out as different.  She gets to know you and then does all the work of sorting through applicants and will only pass along those meeting your needs and the personality of your family.  Heartland Nanny Agency is truly a great find if you need assistance in finding reliable childcare.

Stephanie - Omaha, Nebraska

"Our family worked with Jenny to find a nanny for our 3 small boys and had a lovely experience! She met with us first to get a feel for who we were and what we were looking for. She took the stress and worry out of the process for us. She found qualified applicants and had us review their applications to decide who we wanted to meet. Each applicant we met with was well picked for our family’s needs. We hired a lovely nanny who worked so well for our family! We loved that Jenny did all of the hard work for us. We will absolutely work with Heartland Nanny Agency again!

Nicole - Clive, Iowa

"Jenny Scott of Heartland Nanny Agency is a life saver! She helped me find the perfect nanny for our family very quickly. The process was seamless and personable. She talks you through everything, gives useful tips, and has everything ironed out. We interviewed a few women, and she even found us a temporary in-between babysitter to help out so we didn’t feel rushed to just hire someone. I’m so happy we found her on Facebook. She even does all the leg work of background checks, nanny profiles, and making sure she’s submitting people to you that are the “right fit”.

Desarae - West Des Moines, Iowa